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Walt Disney World Visitors Can Skip The Front Desk During Direct To Room Check-in Test (world View) By Adrienne Vincent-phoenix

Those who opt only for text message notifications receive a message that says simply, "Your room number XXXX is ready," and invites them to go directly to their room. I've been told that a future upgrade of the system will allow Disney cast members monitoring the notification system to send a resort map to a guest on request, which will likely prove handy for guests who opt only for text alerts and cannot find their room based on number alone. Although this new system saves a bit time at the very start of the trip, there are still reasons you may want to visit the front desk even if you are eligible for Direct to Room check-in. For example, guests who need to park a personal or rental car must go to the front desk to obtain a parking permit, and people travelling together who want to use separate credit cards for their individual room charges need to visit the front desk to set that up, as the online check-in system cannot handle multiple forms of payment. In my mind, the time savings comes at the price of missing out on the personal welcome to Walt Disney Worldthat "welcome to the World" moment which, at least now, is not replaced by any other aspect of the My Disney Experience offering. Those first few moments in the intricately themed hotel lobbies are meant to help transition you into vacation mode, and transport you to a certain time and place. The welcome packet guests now receive at check-in contains information that is especially useful to first-time visitors, and the lobby is where you go to learn about resort activities like resort tours, outdoor movies, pool parties, and campfire events. During this test, welcome packets are still created as soon as the online check-in process is complete, but guests still have to visit the front desk to pick up the folder.
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Walt Disney World joins food truck brigade - Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney hosts 1st Food Truck Rally "The requirements to be on their list are stringent," said Joey Conicella, co-owner of The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck. "Our baking operation as well as our truck was thoroughly inspected to meet their standards for food preparation and safety." In addition, one of the things Disney was keen on when developing relationships with local trucks was quick service, said Conicella. "We scoped out the local food trucks before we built our vehicles, and we noticed that several trucks even the most popular ones had extensive menus which required people to wait a long time for their food, " said Kleinschmidt. "We wanted great food with a quicker guest satisfaction. All of the Disney trucks have limited menus so that food can be in the guests' hands in a timely manner. The Disney trucks at the event are Namaste Cafe, inspired by the flavors of Disney's Animal Kingdom and offering universal studios vacation items such as butter chicken and tandoori shrimp; Superstar Catering, offering favorites from Disney's Hollywood Studios such as Margherita flatbread; Fantasy Fare, with popular tastes from Magic Kingdom parks all over the world, including sticky chicken and waffles and Disneyland's famous corn dog; and World Showcase of Flavors, serving pierogies and grass-fed beef sliders inspired by the theme park's many festivals. "We don't see the food trucks as a waning trend," said Kleinschmidt. "It's going to continue to grow as people are continually inspired to seek out new flavors from here and around the world." The Downtown Disney event, which is from 5 to 10 p.m., will be staged on the event lawn near House of Blues and Cirque du Soleil . And even though Pluto is welcome at the event, your pets are not. hmcpherson@tribune.com or 407-420-5498 Disney food-truck rally What: Fourteen food trucks, including Disney-built vendors as well as local favorites such as T.J.'s Seafood Shack and La Empanada.
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