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Officials: Tourist Loses Fingertips On Ride At Disney | Www.wftv.com

Discover Norway, Disney Style | TheLedger.com

Friday, July 11, 2014 Officials: Tourist loses fingertips on ride at Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ride Related Sponsored Links OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. Officials say a tourist from the United Kingdom lost two fingertips on his right hand while riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The incident happened Thursday morning. Bo Jones of the Reedy Creek Fire Department told WFTV the man lost the tips of his ring and pinky fingers and was taken to a hospital. His name was not released and disney world package deals his condition wasn't available. Officials say it was unclear how the incident happened. Disney officials stopped the ride and checked it out. The ride was confirmed safe and reopened later Thursday.
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I don't think I've been anywhere in recent months without a little girl belting out "Let It Go!" the Oscar-winning song from the movie. It is no surprise that kids are clamoring to see where Princess Anna and Queen Elsa come from. No wonder the new Disney cruises to the Norwegian Fjords are selling briskly, though they won't debut until 2015. The Adventures by Disney trip begins in Bergen. Its famous multi-colored historic wooden houses and picturesque port (we loved exploring the famous Fish Market where we sampled smoked whale and all varieties of salmon) is reminiscent of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, home to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. We wonder which snow-covered mountain is the home of Queen Elsa's ice castle. You just have to tour one of Norway's famous stave churches as we did at the Borgund Stave Church, which dates to 1180, with its narrow dark pitched roofs to see where the inspiration for the fictional castle and coronation room came from. Adventures by Disney offers deluxe escorted trips to more than two dozen destinations, including options on board their cruise ships, but it's not as if Mickey Mouse and Goofy or in our case, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, jump out at every turn. It's rather the idea that well-heeled families who trust the Disney brand will trust Disney to show them a good time touring Europe, Costa Rica or the Galapagos, among other places, meeting up with local guides at each stop. This isn't a bona-fide adventure trip either but rather an escorted tour with some outdoor fun (a float trip, a visit to a "summer" farm high above the fjord) designed with kids in mind.
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?Frozen? Still On Fire, Disney Channel Stars Sing Song From Film

He will be introducing new episodes of Disney series, with Frozen singalongs thrown in between programs. Of course this isnt completely out of left field. Ever since Frozens release last November, it has been subject to a plethora of covers, parodies , and homageseven Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam couldnt help but throw in a bit of Let It Go in one of his shows in Italy. The film has been a proverbial cash cow for Disney these past several months, and they have done a wonderful job of keeping the film relevant long after its theater run and release onto Blu-ray and DVD. In true Disney form, you can find Frozen merchandise all over, and even in the most unlikely of places (case in point, according to Forbes, Disney is releasing a Frozen version of the PS4 in Japan). The films have even managed to bleed into TV, with its characters being added to the long roster of the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time. In the age of the internet, keeping aging properties as relevant as possible is incredibly important, especially when you have the Disney pedigree that Frozen has. Thoughts on this?
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